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[Pregunta] Allplan Rebars exported as IFC4 don't shows in Autodesk Navisworks


I exported an Allplan project with its rebar as an IFC4. But when I open the .IFC file in Navisworks, the rebar is missing. I know it's a Navisworks problem, because I can see rebars if I open the .IFC in Solibri Anywhere. But, the customer needs the .IFC in Autodesk BIM 360 (which appears to use the same IFC engine as Navisworks). Well, any ideas on how to fix it?

Obs. 1: Allplan 2020 and Navisworks 2020.
Obs. 2: I tried to export IFC4 from Allplan. I imported into Revit. He re-exported it from Revit to IFC4. It opened in Navisworks, but there are many steps and it only works for the geometry itself. Most of the information has been lost.

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there is an Option "Rebar compliant to IFC4" in the IFC Export Settings. Please check, if it is set. Some programs cannot handle IFC4 compliant Reinforcement, therefore it is off by Default. Please test with different Setting of this Option.

Thanks and Bye

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