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Can't copy drawings with Projekt Pilot


I'm unable to copy drawing files with reinforcement/associative views within project. I have 2 drawing files, one with reinforcement of walls, and another one with associative views of them with texts, dimension and reinforcement marks. Now, I want to copy and adjust them to the storey above. So, as described in faq, in Project Pilot, I should copy drawing file with reinforcement into another drawing, and right after it, do the same witch second one. It used to work in that way (in the same project), but recently something has broken and I'm unable to complete operation. Look at the pictures in attachments. Does anyone has idea how to fix it? I'm in the middle of project, and I don't feel like making drawing of next storeys from the scratch :/

Allplan 2017 with recent updates



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sadząc po języku wydaje mi się, że mogę odpisać tak.
Potrzebował bym informacji w jaki sposób warstwa 136 jest skojarzona z innymi warstwami?
Czy rysujesz zbrojenie i widoki skojarzone na jednej warstwie?

Na pierwszy rzut oka wygląda jakby warstwy kojarzone były ze sobą niezależnie, czyli widok jednej warstwy był na drugiej i odwrotnie.

Have you tried using the "Copy, Move Elements between Documents..." function? It pretty much does the same thing, you need to be on the layer you want to copy from and then there's a windows to choose in which layer you want to paste.

Also please keep the forum in English, so we can help as much as our colleagues as we can.

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