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Moving projects and net users from one server to another [Vyřešeno]

Hello, I was wondering, which is the best scenario to install the new Allplan 2013 x64 with central storage system and transfer all the projects and the net users from old Allplan 2012 x86 server? we are using hardware lock licenses.
Is there anybody who did this ? Thank you in advance.

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The update is the same scenario as old version.

I'm not sure if i understand correctly.

I wrote 2 case:
- case 1 / change server and install new version
- case 2 / update the version

____ CASE 1 ____________________________________________________________

In this case you can continu to work in Allplan 2012 in the old server.

1° In the old Server there is folder shared, Perhaps "DATA\Nem\Allplan". Copy the folder Allplan in the new server.

2° In the New Server, Create a folder shared like "DATA", and sub folder like "Nem\Allplan"

If you work with a workgroup Manager:
a. Go on the folder Allplan\Net and Open the file "data.cfg". Here is the name of the server and the Path of the folder Allplan like "SERVER \data\Nem\Allplan". The space between the name and the path is realy important, don't change it. You can change the name and/or the path but be careful!
b. Delete the file "Project.dat"
c. Open the file "user.cfg" and check if there is something to change like the name of the server
d. If the domain or the user doesn't change, it's ok, if not go on the file "Usralias.dat" and check the user.

4. Install one Allplan 2013 connected to this new server (can be on the server or one workstation).

5. In Allmenu, go on Allmenu\Service\Hotline tools\Reorg\restore project management file

6. You can start this first Allplan 2013 and it will work.

7. For each other workstation, install them in local without workgroup

8. By after create a key registery to switch each workstation on the server and add the workgroup Manager

9. Create a registery key is very easy, send me MP and ii will explain.

10. Install is finished!

____ CASE 2 ____________________________________________________________

I made a lot of installation and in my opinion it depend of the number of Workstation.

If you have few workstation like 3, you can make the update on each workstation one by one connected with the server.

If there is a lot of workstation and to reduce the time of installation, this is what i do:

1° Example of more than 5 workstation.

2° i copy the content of the DVD\Program\Allplan in the server and after make a copy on each workstation from the file coming by the server.

3° I make a first update on one workstation connected to the server.

4° On each other workstation:
a. I disconnect the workstation to server by the registery
b. I make an update and diseable the data, just ask to update the program
c. Connect the workstation to the server

5. Install is finished!

NOTICE: In each case, the first installation (1°) update the data and add the new parameter, repport and so on... And the other installation will just install the program and be connect to the server.

If you have any question, don't hesitat to send me a MP.

Good Use!

Thank you for your fast and detailed explanation, but I need some more info to do this.
I will explain it here:
I am in case 1 (change server and install new version)

We have one server installed with Allplan 2011 on Server 2003 Standart with workgroup manager and about 15 clients attached. It is called Power1.
The New server is installed with clean installation of Allplan 2013 x64 on Windows 2008 R2 Server.
On the old server Power1 there is a shared directory for all network users with the following subfolders:

- Download
- Net
- Prj
- Service releses
- Std
- Updates
- Usr
- and a big xml file 12Mb

And on a new server Power4 there is newly created subdirectories in Shared Allplan folder:

So, I think I am suppose to do this:
1. Ignore subdirectories Downloads, Service Releses and Updates from the old server Power1
Delete the Net, Prj, Std and Usr directories from the new Power 3 server and copied the same directories from the old Power1 server.
2. Then I am going to edit the file data.cfg from the Net directoryand change the name of the server from Power1 to Power3.
3. I will have to delete project.dat from the Prj subfolder
4. I won't edit useralias.dat, because the user names and the domein controller name are the same.
5. Then I will go to one of the workstations, uninstall Allplan 20111 ( I want to do this as clean as possible and install Allplan 2012 x64 with workgroup manager. I will choose the user with sysadm rights.
6. Go to his Services app and in Allmenu, I will go on Allmenu\Service\Hotline tools\Reorg\restore project management file.
7. I will restore office standart on the same computer with sysadm rights to the new server. ( I think the standart is already there, but, will do this again.
8 Then, if everything is fine and the user is seeing the workgroup projescts I will do point 5 on the other 15 workstations ( I have time).

This is the scenario that I want to follow, but I do'not know if it is the right one. For example. Do I have to delete all the Net, Prj, Std, Usr directories from the new server, or just to overwrite the directories from the old one? Do I need to copy the Downoads, Service releses and Updates from the old server ? and what about this prj000001.xml ?

Thank you very much for your time !


Thank you for the feedback, sorry for my english if sometime the sens is not clear but don't hesitate to tell me if you need more info.

So, As i understand, you have install Allplan 2013 in the new server Power4 with workgroup Manager in a shared folder.

What i'm sure is that you must remove completely this installation of Allplan 2013 because you don't need it because you need allplan 2012!

Additionnal point for Case 1:

In your old server Power1, you can copy all folder like Downolad and Update. Because there will be created by Allplan 2012 during it works. If there is content on it, it's not a problem because it's only automatic patch for software from version 2011 and older.

For the file .xml, we don't need this kind of file. Can be created by mistake during an export. You can save it if never someone ask you to this file but it's not a standard file.

So on the new server:

1. Copy all old data on the new server
2. Modify the "data.cfg" in the NET folder with new name of server
3. Delete the project.dat on the NET Folder (not in Folder PRJ, this is an other file when you work without workgroup).
4. Make one install on the server and make a reorg to recreate the file "project.dat".
This installation will update the old file (of old server in version 2011) in the new version 2012 and add new content.

5. On every workstation after the first one
5a) You don't need to remove allplan 2011. Start a new installation of Allplan 2012 localy without workgroup and without library. Try to use a correct name of folder like Allplan 2012. Can be clear for management of file. Need only few minutes.

5b) Switch each workstation
You can switch easily the path of the data localy to the new server. less than 20s.
Create one key registery and apply it in every workstation.

- install all localy is very fast!
- if the network is crash or something it's possible to work localy!
- install a allplan on a workstation connected to a server take more time because of security reason.

I'm thinking to create a topic for registery keys.
Tell me by MP if you need help for your key registery.


Good Use!

Thank you very much for your fast response. Your English is better then mine.
I did not clear myself.
I really need to:
Install a new Allplan 2013 x64 with workgroup management on a new 2008 R2 x64 server
and transfer all the projects from the old Allplan 2011 workgroup management installation on an old 2003 Standart x86 server. (The servers are on the same domain). We are skipping Allplan 2012 !

So, I will do this:

1. Install the new Allplan 2013 x64 with workgroup management with shared network folder on the new server. (already done this)
2. I will OVERWRITE all the subdirectories from the shared central storage directory from the old Allplan 2011 server (Power1-Windows 2003) to the new Allplan 2013 (Popwer4-Windows 2008 R2)server shared central storage directory (without this xml file mentioned earlier).(There are over 400GB of projects, that's why I did not do this yet, I'm waiting the file to be transferred)
3. I will edit the NET\data.cfg file with the name of the new server
4. I will delete the NET\projects.dat file (Thank you for mentioning, if you did not said I was going to delete the project.dat file on the PRJ\project.dat directory
5. Not going to edin useralias.dat (the names and the domain are the same)
6. Than I will choose one workstation, uninstall Allplan 2011 x86 from it and install Allplan 2013 x64 to do "reorg"from the services menu.
7.Hope the office standart will be transfer also and workable ( I do not know the difference between Allplan 2011 and Allplan 2013 filesests in their workgroup central storage. That's why I open that topic)
8. If everything went well I will do this on all workstation install and uninstall (I appreciate the trick with the registry to change the central storage data folder, and I want to know where that registry keys are, but there is a major versions upgrade x86 to x64 and I prefer to do this like this.
9. I will try to use some tool on Services to upgrade all the projects from the server from 2011 to 2013. At this time I forgot what was it, but I will try to do this at night.

I will keep you informed, if these scenario works well.

I have a couple of question also.
1.What is the best value for docsize in hotline tools of services for Allplan 2013 x64 on a Windows 7 x64 with 16GB of RAM. 256 or 512?
2. We are using NVidia Quadro 4000 video cards, so which is the best driver to install on a Allplan 2013 x64 workstation with Windows 7 x64. Because on the NVidia site there is no partner certified drivers for Allplan 2013 x64. I installed the newest performance drivers. The Allplan systest tools said that everything is alright, but is there some Global settings in nVidia control panel for Allplan 2013 ?
3.On the new server-It is 2008 R2 I am logging with the user account (Microsoft recommendations), but installed and run as administrator to install Allplan and do some changes.I am using a domain administrator account. In some cases and some programs, they are best installed with local administrator account, is there any difference in Allplan 2013 ?
4.Do I need to share the central storage data folder with everyone access rights (also security of the files to be everyone or Domain users will be enough ?) In old Allplans Sharing and changing the security for everyone was mandatory, but it is not a good security practice.

Thank you very much and have a nice day!


There is more information. I thought that you want to install Allplan 2012. (your first message).

NOw it's more clear. You want to install Allplan 2013.

There is big thing! NEVER OVERWRITE file and folder. Allways rename old one or save and past the new one. Because there can be a lot of troubles of uncompatible data!
In my Opinion, it's mandatory in IT Management.

There is NOT change about the management of file between every version of Allplan on the data.
I Mean that in the data folder, there is allways the same folder STD, PRJ, (can be NET,USR, DOWNLOAD, UPLOAD too). The only change is the place of some folder for the software but for the datas.

In my process of install, it's very fast as i tell. It's only the time to copy data which is long.

Answer of request:

1. Docsize:
I think work with 256Mo already enought. It will be interresting to have more sometime if you have a very big project which work slowly, if not no.

2. Graphic Card:
If you have a recent graphic card with high perforpance, there is every week a new driver better. Fo example, there is one for the NVDIA Quadro FX 4000 on 5 October 2012.
What is important in the Panel NVDIA is set Allplan 2013 as a high graphic performance like NVDIA.

3. User Right:
There is no different we prefere that the user has the full right localy as an administrator.
Allplan will work more stably.

4. Data Folder right:
In general, we setup the folder as full access for all as "write/read".

Good Use!



I created a few new topic on "Cad General" to create the key registery with and without workgroup Manager.

Good Use!


Hi, Thank you very much for your cooperation.
For your notices, of course I backup all the data in a newly created data storage folder, before overwrite it with the old subdirectories prj net std usr.
I must inform you that the installation and migrating went fine with one remark.
It was imposiible to install the client computers when there is over 400GB of data in PRJ folder. "Checking file security" message appears when installation starts and the longest time I wait to finish it was 2 hours.
The only think that work for me is to end the setup task, uninstall Allplan 2013, delete the directory in Program files and than I moved all the projects in PRJ shared workgroup directory to a temporary location. Than I was able to install the client computer. After that I restored the files in their default location and continue with recreating the project.dat file.

Everyhing went fine, but I have to do it everytime I am installing new Allplan 2013 x64 bit installation, which is fine for me.

But, there were one problem when tried to upgrade all the projects (400GB) from (datwaprjs)Windows came with a message that is low on memory. But the computer has a 16GB of RAM (It is with SSD drive and the page memory is turned off). Do you think that increasing the docsize to 512Mb will solve the problem ?

Best regards !

after 10 hours 63% there were err


Thank you.

About the problem "Checking file Security", it's totaly new, i heard about something last week with few client. But to scratch this error, we install localy and change by after the path. We thought about a troubles of security on the server.

As you tell me, it's linked to the PRJ folder. It's a realy good feedback, we will have a look in details.

For the data convert. You can launch the data convert in every workstation of your network in the same time. It's more fast. You can restart it as you want if you had error.

I don't know if the docsize can help.

Something you have error if the project is very older than 2-3 version of Allplan, so you can find troubles.

Good Use!

OK, Thank you very much.

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