Recently, users who are seemingly responding to a problem but are only posting a link to another page are piling up. Especially for posts about plotting problems they refer to an "HP Plotter Service" or a "Epson Support" website.

Probably you will get there only a virus or Trojan and no help.

We try to delete such posts in a timely manner, but please be critical too, before you click on such links!

Please use the "SPAM" function below a post, if you notice such a post (no matter if spam or virus link). This will help others!

[Update 7.5.2019]: Since some today there are also links to a "canon printer support" webpage, that will in my opinion, only contain infected downloads. i removed 2 posts and blocked the users

Jörg (Velletti), Allplan Webentwicklung

Man kann mich Siezen oder Duzen. Wie derjenige mag. Und bitte beachten: Supportfragen zu Allplan bitte nur über das Forum stellen und bitte mir nicht als "Persönliche / Private" Nachricht senden. Die kann ich nämlich nicht weiterleiten.