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[Frage] How to connect users for certain project?

Hello everyone!

First, I have on the server IFC model of building. How to correctly imoprt this IFC, that in future after any changes in this IFC model on server, allplan automaticly update it. Or I need always re-import model(when IFC were changed)?

Second, How to connect to certain project more users? For example I'm working with reinforcement concrete and I need help, and I want to connect colleague. Is there any opportunities to work together online in 1 project?

Thank you everyone for help!

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Are you talking about :

"Working together in"
"Allplan" or "bim+" (or "taskBoard" in "Allplan" = this means you are using bim+ ) ?

- for Allplan there is a possible solution WorkGroup Online (it is a paid module)
- for bim+ it is build in : you need to be team owner and invite others ..

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I'm talking about Allplan. Okey, I understood. Thank you!

But what about first question? Is there any opportuniti to connect allplan project to certain IFC model. And after any changes in IFC allplan automaticly updates files?

Hi i_trofimov,

If you work with Allplan and Bim+, there is dynamic link. But if you work with Allplan and export an IFC, the change of the IFC will not update Allplan project.

Bye & Good Use!

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