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facade (fassade) isn't updated in the animation window


The tool Facade (Fassade) has a little problem: the facade is not updated in the animation window after a modification. In animation window appears the previous facade and also the modified facade (see the image).

We have a high-end Laptop, with 8GB of RAM, and a nvidia GTX 765M with 2GB. All the drivers are updated.

Any solution?

thanks a lot!
Xavier C.A.

Xavier Coll • Architect, Project Manager I+D, BIM Manager, BIM Auditor
EiPM •

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STRG+F5 helps...

Mmmm.. works perfect!

Sincerely, I think that it could be better if the animation window refresh automatically

Best regards and thanks for your fast answer, Jörg!
Xavier C.A.

Xavier Coll • Architect, Project Manager I+D, BIM Manager, BIM Auditor
EiPM •

..yes, indeed a bug!
But no one cares...

Good night Jörg,

Facade is a great tool, It can be use to do fantastic and impossible designs. But maybe it's a little bit difficult to understand and use, because this tool have a totally different philosophy from the rest of tools of Allplan.

Mmmm... it's important think about it. Maybe this is the real cause why "no one cares", and it's because maybe there are not much people that really use it in deep, and every day in his project designs.

We think that users and offices that uses Allplan need a tool more simple and easy to use. I have faith and hope, that someday Nemetschek will do more smartparts, similars like smarpart window, that it will be complementary to Facade tool, but a little bit more easy to use.

Best regards, and thanks to read this long writing. ;-D
Xavier C.A.

Xavier Coll • Architect, Project Manager I+D, BIM Manager, BIM Auditor
EiPM •

Hi Xavi,

...yes, I agree, facade tool is a little bit different to Allplan.

It is beside windows, stairs and railings the most complex element and highly parameterized.
Inside other CAD-systems like ArchiCAD and Revit facades are also "special".
The difficult thing is, to reduce the amount of parameters and not reduce the possibilities at once. You cannot do the fantastic things with only 2 or 3 parameters!

So , if you want to do fantastic things, then you have to deal with the tool,
and discover the possibilities. Or let it be ... :-)



Hi Xavi... look at this
... it's some of simple examples

Good morning Jörg and feiz82,

First of all, thanks Jörg to answer, and Feiz82, thanks for your links, are very interesting. :-)

Well, we think that a tool like Allplan should have tools to do complex designs, but without forget to have simple tools to do simple designs, without forget the usability.

In our office we programm our SmartParts for our projects. And we have established two levels of complexity of smartparts. First level, a few complex smartparts with a lot of parameters to create special designs. And Second level, a lot of simple smartparts, with less parameters, to create specific architectural elements. Curiously, in our office, the simple smartparts are more used than the complex smartparts.

Then, what happen with the facades tool? We understand that the facades tool allows to create special designs, and a multitude of very different architectural elements: walls, floors, ceilings, etc. Everything can be created with only one tool. But this versatility make it a very complex tool, with a very important list of parameters, and with a name of the parameters used to create very different elements: all this things, convert the facade tool in a complex tool, and less usable to create simple designs.

We believe in the versatility of the complex tools for a specific designs, and Allplan needs to have a tool like facades. But we also think that Allplan should have other specific tools to create specific architectural elements. Only then, maybe those tools will be more simples, with less parameters, and with more specífic concepts: then, those tools will become more user-friendly tools. ;-D

thanks for the patience to read this long post :-D

Best regards,
Xavier C.A.

Xavier Coll • Architect, Project Manager I+D, BIM Manager, BIM Auditor
EiPM •

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