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Allplan 2020 no "ifc export" correctly some profiles from the new "structural framing", to IFC: Allplan not add the important IfcClass of Profile Definitions, in some kind of beam/column profiles.

General Explanation

In an IFC file that contents IfcColumns and IfcBeams, they can have two ifc classes that defines/explain the kind of profile of those elements:

1- IfcClass for Profile definition: is a must ifcclass. Always it must be inside IFC file. The name of this class is different:
1.1- For rectangle profiles: IFCRECTANGLEPROFILEDEF
1.2- For other profiles (HEB,etc..): IFCARBITRARYCLOSEDPROFILEDEF

2- IfcClass Generic: this generic class, it saves the parameter and the value from allplan. The "Profile name" parameter of allplan and his value, will it saved in the ifcclass "IFCPROPERTYSINGVALUE".

Issues detected

In IFC export process (the new process), Allplan not create the ifcClass of profile definition, in the next kind of profiles of the new "structural framing tool":

- Columns : Rectangular profile
- Columns : Circular profile
- Beams : Rectangular profile
- Beams : Circular profile
- Beams : HEB, IPE, etc.....

I attach 2 images, and a zip (contains IFC and ndw files), to explain it.

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Xavier Coll

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