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How can I transfer the NemSLock license permanently to a new computer?


Proceed as follows:

  • Install the program on the new computer. Use the temporary license (xxx_xxx_psd.nslock) you received when you purchased the program. If you do not have a temporary license of the current version, contact your support team to request such a license.
    You can then work with the program for 30 days – plenty of time to configure your new computer, transfer the office standard and projects and so on (you can find instructions in the FAQ database).
    At the same time you can work with the program on your old computer without any restrictions.
  • When you have transferred everything you need, return the license to us. To do this, use the old computer and click
    Start -> (All) Programs -> Nemetschek -> Nemetschek SoftLock 2006 -> License Manager
    (Services application -> Utilities -> License -> License Manager (NemSLock)).

    Click "Relocate licenses -> Transfer licenses permanently to a computer". This creates the COMPUTER_NAME.hrdwchg file. Send this file by email to register@nemetschek.de.

Tip: Click 'Browse' in the 'Send hardware change file (*.hrdwchg)' dialog box. The program creates and saves the COMPUTERNAME.hrdwchgfile. Then Windows Explorerstarts and the folder with the hardware change file opens. You can now use all the options provided by Windows Explorer: for example, you can attach the file to an email, copy it to a computer having Internet access and so on. Email this file to register@nemetschek.de.

After you have created this file, the Allplan license of your old computer will still be valid for two more days.
As soon as we have removed the registration, we will send you a confirmation by email.

  • Create a registration request (register.txt) on the new computer and send this file by email to register@nemetschek.de.

    To generate a registration request, do the following:
    Open the License Manager (Service application -> Utilities- > License -> License Manager). Select the license entry for your seat and click "Request license". Please follow the instructions displayed on screen. Complete the form. Do not forget to enter your email address.

    You will promptly receive the license for the new computer (provided you have returned the license to us as described above).
    Installing this license file completes the license transfer to the new computer.


The COMPUTER_NAME.hrdwchg file is stored in the following folder:

Allplan 2012 and earlier:

  • Windows 64-bit:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Nemetschek\NemSLock2006\License

  • Windows 32-bit:
    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Nemetschek\NemSLock2006\License

Allplan 2013 and later:

  • C:\ProgramData\Nemetschek\NemSLock\AllplanLicense
  • or C:\ProgramData\Nemetschek\NemSLock\HardwareTausch
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You want to include a computer in the Allmenu via Workgroupmanager, but no network environment is displayed and no result appears when you enter the computer name in Search. How can the computer still be included?


All computers included in the Workgroupmanager are stored in the data.cfg on the server in the central file storage request.
The Allmenu window shows the exact path of the "central file storage folder".

e.g. \\SERVER\data\Allplan
Go via Windows Explorer to the central file storage folder in the NET folder and open the file data.cfg (e.g. with the editor)

The content of the file looks like this
SERVER \data\Allplan

(So far no computer has been included and therefore there are no further entries in this example)

Here you can enter the new path of the computer to be recorded
Simply enter the computer name, spacebar, shared folder, subfolder as a new line.
Enter only your simple host name here, not the FQDN name (first name only, without periods and other additions)

Please make sure that all entries are flush with each other. Please do not remove the space bars in existing entries and also insert a space bar after the host name when entering, these are important.

So it looks like this

SERVER \data\Allplan
COMPUTERNAME \Nemdata\Allplan

Save the file.

As a result, the computers in the workgroup are displayed in the Allmenu/Services application under Workgroupmanager - > Administer projects and computers and can now be checked out.

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The licensing service crashes regularly or does not start at all. Afterwards, no license is available. How can I solve this problem?


Problems with the licensing service may have various causes.

If this problem occurs with specific clients only, you can find the cause on these clients. If this problem occurs with all clients, you can find the cause on the server.
Check the following points:

1. Virus scanner
The Codemeter Runtime Server service is running both on the client and on the server.

If the service is blocked on the client, this is often caused by the virus scanner.
However, this may also happen on the server.

If communication with the Wibu service is blocked, Allplan cannot find the license anymore. This is often caused by the virus scanner.
So, you need to exclude the "Codemeter" folder from virus scans. You can find this folder in the virus scanner in the following path: C:\Program files (X86)\Codemeteror C:\Programs (x86)\Codemeter. You can find the “Codemeter” folder in the following path:C:\Program files\Codemeteror C:\Programs\Codemeter.

Restart the service:

Start CodeMeter Control Center.
To do this, use the Windows start menu and select CodeMeter -> CodeMeter Control Center. As an alternative, open Search by clicking the Search button on the Start screen and enter Codemeter.

CodeMeter Control Center -> Process -> Start CodeMeter Service
If the service is running, stop it and restart it.

2. Update the CodeMeter program
Go to the Wibu website and install CodeMeter User Runtime Version for Windows (64-bit version).
You can find the installation program at https://www.wibu.com/de/anwendersoftware.html

Start the "CodeMeterRuntime.exe" file.
To do this, right-click this file and select
"Run as administrator".
Confirm all messages displayed and the defaults by clicking “Next”.
CodeMeter Control Center will be installed afterwards.

3. Other causes
Open the “C:\Windows\System32\drivers\” or “C:\Windows\SysNative\drivers\” folder and check whether this folder includes a file called "Multikey.sys". You must delete this file.
Before you delete this file, open Windows Device Manager (Control Panel) and check whether a driver called "Virtual USB Multikey X64" is installed.
If this driver is installed, uninstall it
before you delete the "Multikey.sys” file.
If this driver is not installed, delete the "Multikey.sys” file straightaway.

Sometimes, the system uses the "Multikey.sys” file in the c:\windows\system32\drivers\ folder to emulate a dongle.
This file is blacklisted by Wibu, as it interferes with the Wibu license system.

Sometimes, you can even find the "Virtual USB Multikey x64" device driver when you open Windows Device Manager.
If this driver exists, the "Multikey.sys” file will also exist.

4. Windows
The license server is based on .Net Framework. Allplan uses .NET 4.6. (Allplan 2019 and later will use .NET 4.7). Like any other Windows service, the Codemeter Windows service running on the license server depends on Windows components such as WMI. WMI depends on RPC, and RPC depends on COM distribution.

There may be a bug in Net. Framework of the operating system.
Fixing Net. Framework may solve the problem.

Check Windows Event Viewer and system information for .Net or WMI errors.
.Net may not be installed correctly,
Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Event Viewer -> Windows Logs
Check the application, installation and system.
Windows Event Viewer -> Windows Logs -> Application may include an application error in Allplan licensing. This error may be connected with .Net Framework.
Event ID = 1026 This ID indicates an error which you may fix by repairing the installation of .Net Framework.

Fixing Net. Framework may solve the problem.
Go to the Microsoft Support website at https://support.microsoft.com/de-de/help/2698555/microsoft-.net-framework-repair-tool-is-available.
There you can find a repair tool for fixing errors in .Net Framework.

Check Windows Event Viewer and system information for .Net or WMI errors.
.Net may not be installed correctly,
Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Event Viewer -> Windows Logs
Check the application, installation and system.

Do you have a second server? Test the license server on this sever. Install the license server on this server and activate the license there. Use the description at
Has this solved the problems?

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How can I give individual users the right to see and select specific seats on the license server? And how can I deny users this right?
Sometimes, it may be necessary that a specific user does not see the seat with, for example, the terrain option so that this user cannot use this seat inadvertently.


Using WebAdmin, you can give users rights for specific seats on the license server.
Please note the following points:

1. Before you start, check that at least CodeMeter Version 6.50 is installed on the license server.
Start CodeMeter Control Centeron the server.
To do this, use the Windows start menu and select CodeMeter -> CodeMeter Control Center. As an alternative, open Search by clicking the Search button on the Start screen. Enter Codemeter and press ENTER. Select Help -> About to see which version of CodeMeter is installed. If the version displayed is older than version 6.50, you must install the latest version of CodeMeter Control Center. Go to the following website
and download the CodeMeter User Runtime for Windowsprogram.


2. Open WebAdmin. Start CodeMeter Control Centeron the server again.
To do this, use the Windows start menu and select CodeMeter -> CodeMeter Control Center. As an alternative, open Search by clicking the Search button on the Start screen, enter Codemeter and press ENTER. A dialog box opens. Click WebAdminat bottom right.

Enter Localhost:22350in the address bar of your browser.

3. Go to "Configuration -> Server -> License Access Permissions".
Select Mode: Advanced.

4. Go to "Advanced Mode Configuration -> Specific access rules -> Add Firm Code"and select "6000100 - Allplan GmbH". Click Add. "Specific access rules"now inlcude "6000100 - Allplan GmbH".

5. Click "Add Product Code"to select the seat for which you want to define access rights. However, this is only possible if the "Distinction based on Product Item Text" check box is selected.
The "Note" section below in this FAQ lists the abbreviations given at the end of each seat. These abbreviations represent the license contents.
Select the required seat and click "Add" again. Repeat these steps to assign more seats.

6. After having defined the product code, you can now assign an access rule.
By default, all users are allowedto access this seat.
Select the product code you just defined and click "Add new access rule".
Click "User" and enter the required user.
When you click in the field next to "User", you can see all available users with their domain names.
Select the user or enter the user manually. For example, enter DOMAINNAME\SSample and select the right you want to assign to this user by clicking "Allow" or "Deny".

If the default setting is "Allow", you can thus deny users access to the license. If the default setting is "Deny", you can thus allow users to access the license again.
You can add more rules. When you have configured all rules, click "Apply" to apply the changes.

7. You need to restart CodeMeter Service so that the changes take effect.
To do this, select CodeMeter Control Center -> Process -> Stop CodeMeterServiceand then click Restart CodeMeter Service.Before you restart the service, make sure all users have closed Allplan.


Client access can be defined by one of the following parameters: computer name, IPv4 subnet, user name or group name.
Enter the required parameter in the corresponding field. If you use an active directory, the program auto-completes entries in the "User" and "Group" fields.

Here comes a practical example:

Think about which setting is most useful to you. For example, you have two seats: seat 01 with 7 architecture licenses and seat 02 with 1 architecture license and 1 terrain license. Only two specific users should be able to use seat 02. If you want to deny all other users access to seat 02, you need to add seat 02 to specific access rules and define a rule for this seat 02. First, set the default setting to "Deny". Then, add these two users and select or "Allow" for these users. As a result, all other users can only see seat 01 and these two users can see seats 01 and 02.

However, if you want that these two users can only see seat 02, you need to add both seats to specific access rules and define a second rule for seat 01. Add these two users to this second role and select Deny for these two users. The default setting, which applies to all the other users, is still Allow. As a result, all other users can see seat 01 and these two users can only see seat 02.


The following abbreviations are used:

T Terrain
B Bamtec
W Workgroup
K Key Plan
M Bridge Modeler
L Cadastral plans for conduits
S Language option
V Visualization
A Architecture option
E Engineering option

Here are some examples:

"Allplan Architecture 2017”

Architecture + Terrain
"Allplan Architecture 2017 T"

Architecture + Bridge Modeler
"Allplan Architecture 2017 M"

Architecture + Terrain + Bridge Modeler
"Allplan Architecture 2017 TM"

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What license issues do I need to consider when upgrading from Allplan 2018/2019/2020 to Allplan 2021?


Installation options during Setups

First-time installation with copying data (default): this option copies and converts the data of the previous version to the new version. You can choose to transfer projects, too. This option does not change the previous version.
Upgrade: this option also transfers the data to the new version. However, you can no longer use the previous version after upgrading.
First-time installation: this option installs Allplan 2021 parallel to the version you are running. However, your data will neither be transferred nor converted. You can find more information in the help. Just press F1 during Setup.

Depending on the licensing system you use, you need to consider different points.

1. Upgrade Allplan 2021 – stand-alone workstation

The license for Allplan 2020 updates automatically. Start Setup and follow the instructions displayed. When you are prompted to choose the license configuration, select Use active license. Follow the installation instructions.

The licenses only update automatically when you upgrade. To install Allplan 2020 on a new computer, please read on connect.allplan.com/license within the menu item Information on Installation and Licensing the instructions Transferring license to a new computer.
You can find your Product Key in Allplan Connect as usual. Go to: connect.allplan.com/license

2. Upgrading Allplan 2021 with a license server

Start by updating your license(s) at the license server. After this, upgrade the clients. To do this, start the License Settings program on the server. Click License Activation on the left, and then click the license you want to update. Click Update License.

After updating your license(s) you can upgrade Allplan at the clients. Start Allplan Setup and follow the instructions displayed. The license server license will be detected automatically on the network. When you are prompted to choose the license configuration, select Use active license. Follow the installation instructions.

Check the version of your installed license server on the server. Starting with the license server version 2016-1-4, the detailed version status (Build-ID) is displayed directly in the lower left corner of the License Settings program.

The latest version 1.1196.xxx.xxx should be displayed here. If an older Build ID is displayed, then you still have an older license server in use. In any case, please update your license server. Download the software for the license server from the Allplan Connect service portal. Detailed instructions can be found at connect.allplan.com/license under the menu item Information on installation and Licensing' and the instructions 'Updating license server and licenses'.

Note: You can update the licenses only at a license server you have already installed. If you want to switch to Allplan 2021 and move the license server to a new server, please read on
connect.allplan.com/license within the menu item Information on Installation and Licensing the
instructions Moving license server to a new server.
You can find your Product Key in Allplan Connect as usual. Go to: connect.allplan.com/license

Downloading licenses from Allplan Connect

You can also obtain your activation codes for Allplan 2021 IBD in the Allplan Connect service portal.
To do this, click Profile > License Management.

You can only use this function as an administrator.

License for Allplan Allfa 2019

You will get your license by mail from customercare@allplan.com. So that we can create the license for you, please send us your IP address or the Host ID of the Allfa database server (Oracle).

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The original FAQ contains pictures. Use the PDF link to get the complete presentation.


What does this error message mean and how can I fix it? How can I change the
path and switch from server to local?


For the use of Allplan Share, a defined path for the "LocaldataPath" is used
for the temporary storage of the project data to be edited. In Allplan 2021, a
default setting was made so that the LocaldataPath should always be in the
Windows user folder. However, for customers who place their users on the
server, this causes the problem that 80 characters are exceeded.
Since hotfix 2021-0-3 there is a possibility to change this path to local by
creating a registry entry.


The procedure described below is done at your own risk.
Questions about this should be clarified before the practical implementation.
Always make a copy of a file before making any changes to it.
Before changing registry entries, create a backup of the registry key to be
modified by exporting the key in the registry editor under File->export.
We recommend that you have this work done by an experienced technician.

After you have installed at least version 2021-0-3 of Allplan, proceed as

Be sure to exit Allplan before making the change to prevent data loss and

On a local C: or D: drive of the computer used for Allplan, create a new folder
with the name "Local data" and the subfolder "Allplan" (e.g. C:\Local
data\Allplan) .
In Windows, as an administrator, start the Windows Registry Editor (Start->
Run-> Regedit) .
In the registry, in the left column, open the key:
In the right window, right-click and select New -> String Value. Create a
string value with the names LocalDataDrive and a string value with the name
Now activate the edit mode for the "LocalDataDrive" key in the right column of
the registry editor by double-clicking the left mouse button and enter here
only the drive you have chosen for the local file storage (e.g. C: ) and
confirm the change with "OK". Thus the change is taken over in the registration
Then activate the edit mode for the "LocalDataPath" key in the right column of
the registry editor by double-clicking the left mouse button and enter the
additional path defined for the local file storage (e.g. \LocalDataPath ) and
confirm the change with "OK". The change will be applied to the registry
editor. The result should look as follows:

Close the registration editor. Allplan now uses the newly defined path for the
Allplan Share cache.
Restart the Allmenu and you will see the local path displayed there.

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Allplan starts as a viewer. What can I do?


Do the following:

1. The Allplan license folder contains the servcfg.nse file.

Open this folder:
Services application -> Service -> Windows Explorer -> General program data (ETC, LIC) -> License.

Delete the servcfg.nse file from this folder.

2. Install the new, appropriate license, which you can find in the attached file. Save the license to a folder on your computer and install it as follows:
Services application -> Utilities -> License -> Install HARDLOCK License

3. Check that the light indicator of the connected USB dongle (blue or white stick) is on all the time. To test it, you can connect the dongle to a different port.

4. Install the current hardlock driver if the light indicator is off.
You can find detailed instructions here:


5. Select the Services application -> Utilities -> License -> License settings -> Licenses.
Check if "Allplan FT" is displayed in the white window on the left. If this is so, Allplan has accepted the dongle.

If this is not so, send the logmes.nse file, info.001 file and the new servcfg.nse file (license folder) to support.de@allplan.com

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I activated my license offline. Now I would like to update this license or get the license for the new version.
What can I do?


To update the license, you can use CodeMeter Control Center.

Start CodeMeter Control Center.
To do this, use the Windows start menu and select CodeMeter -> CodeMeter Control Center. An an alternative, go to the Windows search box and type Codemeter.

You can find the container numbers in the ‘License’ area. Make sure your license container is included in this list.
For license server licenses, this is an Allplan CM6 container with the number 130-XXXXXXX.

If there is only an Allplan GmbH container with the number 128-XXXXXXX, your license server is too old. In this case, proceed as described here: https://connect.allplan.com/en/faqid/20160527114300.html.

Select this Allplan CM6 container and click License updateon the right. Select Create license request. Create a *.WibuCmRaC file for your container.

Take this file to a computer that is online.

Go to the following web page:

Enter your Product Keyin the “Ticket” line and click Next. You can now see your license.
Click Activate license.

You can see the new license update, which is selected. Click Offline License Transferat the bottom on the right.

You can now upload the *.WibuCmRaC file (Browse....) by clicking Upload license request now. This creates your license, which you can download by clicking Download license update file now. Install this license on your server.

To do this, open CodeMeter Control Centerand click File -> Importlicense.
You can now see the updated license in the license settings.

Finally, upload the receipt file.
To do this, open CodeMeter Control Centeragain and select the Allplan CM6 container with the number 130-XXXXXXX.

Then click License update -> Next -> Create receipt.
Create the receipt file for this container.

Take this file to a computer that is online.

Upload this receipt file using the web page.
Click Nexton the web page.
If you have already closed the web page, use the link given above and enter your Product Key once again. Then select Continue with license transfer.
Select the receipt file and click Upload receipt now.
Click OKto confirm. This completes license activation.

If you have several license server licenses, all these licenses can be in the same Allplan CM6 container. However, you must upload the license update fileand upload the receiptfor each Product Key or license to update all licenses.


  • You cannot use Allplan Connect to update licenses. However, you can activate licenses offline for the first time or return licenses using Allplan Connect.
  • Did you know that you can find details about you licenses in Allplan Connect at http://connect.allplan.com/license. Just load the details about the licenses displayed by clicking the information button at the end of a line.
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How can I activate my licenses for Allplan Online products and assign these licenses to other people?


1. Components required

Internet connection and internet browser

2. Purchasing licenses

You can purchase Allplan Online products in two ways.

2.1 Allplan Shop (shop.allplan.com)

Allplan Options, Bimplus Options
a. Specify how many licenses you want to buy and add the Allplan Online product to the cart.
b. Follow the instructions displayed and buy the Allplan Online product.
After you have bought the Allplan Online product, the licenses will be assigned to your Bimplus team. You can manage these licenses using “My Account” - “Subscriptions and Users”.

2.2 Contact the Allplan sales partner in your area.

3. Assigning licenses

You can manage your licenses for the Allplan Online product in the Allplan Shop. Go to the “Subscriptions and User” area. As an alternative, you can also use the Bimplus portal. Here, go to the “Team members” area.

3.1 Sign in to the Allplan Shop or the Bimplus portal.

• Allplan Shop: Select “My Account” - “Subscriptions and Users”.
• Bimplus portal: Select “Team members”.

3.2 Select the Allplan Online product.

3.3 You can now assign one or more Allplan Online product licenses to team members. Select the user in the list and assign the license by selecting the check box. You can remove the license at any time by clearing the check box.
If the list does not include the user to whom you want to assign an Allplan Online product license, click “Invite new Bimplus team member”, enter the email address of the new team member and select a role.

Important: Do not assign the role of team administrator to a new team member unless this is absolutely necessary. A team administrator has more rights than a project administrator. You can define project administrators in the Bimplus project and user management.

You can find the new team member in the list as soon as this new team member has accepted the invitation.

4. Managing users and assigning users to the project

Allplan Online products are cloud-based solutions. Therefore, the Bimplus user management is used for project collaboration.
To define the project members, use the Bimplus project administration. You must invite new project members to the Bimplus project.
If these Bimplus project members also want to use Allplan Online products, you must assign an Allplan Online product license to each project member (see “Assigning licenses”).

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You may ask yourself on which occasions or user actions Allplan synchronizes drawing files and plans with the Bimplus Cloud in an Allplan Share project.


The following cases apply to drawing files:

Case 1:
Drawing files in a share project are uploaded to the Bimplus cloud for synchronization if all three of the following conditions apply:

  • A change has occurred on the drawing files
  • The drawing files have been changed to gray or deselected
  • Open on a project-specific basis is closed

If other users have the drawing file which meets all the criteria in case one, grayed out (i.e. it is passively in the background), then after the first user has carried out all three steps, they will automatically receive a message informing them that there have been changes to the drawing file. They can then either display or reject these changes.
If the other users do not see this message, they should make sure that they are using the latest version of their Allplan installation and that the check mark is set in the options for
Options -> Desktop Environment -> Save/Load -> For changes in reference drawing files show message. If the check mark is not set, simply set it and restart Allplan.

Case two:
In Allplan, click on Allplan A in the top left-hand corner and select Save all -> all drawing files that have changes are synchronized.

In this case too, as in case 1, a message is sent to all users who have the drawing file, to which all the criteria from case 1 apply, in grey (i.e. passively in the background).

Case three:
Even if you simply open the function New project, Open Project, all drawing files that have been modified are synchronized

Case four:
When you call up the Layout Editor, all drawing files that have been changed are also synchronized

The following applies to plans:
If drawing file contents in the plan change, then the plan is NOT uploaded - no need . Plans are only uploaded if either something changes in the plan layout (move or delete a plan element in the plan, etc.) or, for example, the scale or drawing type of a plan element is changed. The upload then takes place automatically when you change the plan or leave the plan layout.


In Allplan version 2018, these notes also apply accordingly; only case 2 for drawing files does not work in this version.

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