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[Frage] Creating *.pyp files - additional documentation?


Is it possible to get additional information for creating *.pyp files, which is not published in official documentation, like the following:
- <GeometryExpand>
- <TextId>
- <TextId>e_ELEMENT_INDEX</TextId>

There are more of things which are not published in your help files, but they are used in your demos...

Best Regards, Primoz

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Hi Primoz, this is covered in the online documentation here:
I tend to use the examples first and the online documentation second to get more information.
Please continue to ask here if there is anything specific you are trying to achieve that is not covered!

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Sorry to post my question here. I am trying to create some python parts. Initially I started with creating a rectangular beam with reinforcements. I could able to create the object as shown in the image1 but when I double click on the object to modify it's properties, it is not displaying the properties window as shown in the 3rd image(Expected to display) but it is showing the window as shown image2. I followed the procedure similar to in the content examples folder in Allplan folders but used own methods for creating the element with reinforcements. Can someone help me to know what might be the problem, so that i can make changes to get the properties window as expected.

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