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Version:  Allplan 2022 |   Last modified: 17.10.2022 14:00
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You have installed Allplan on several workstations in the network and now additionally want to work on this shared network drive with Workgroupmanager.


Before making this change, it is essential to make a complete data backup on the server and on all workstations.
The conversion may only be carried out within one version, i.e. if necessary, the upgrade to the same version should be carried out first and only after the upgrade has been completed should the conversion described here be carried out.
Please ensure in advance that your license contains the "Workgroup manager" option or has been updated accordingly. Otherwise Allplan cannot be started after the conversion.


  1. Exit Allplan on all workstations. Start the changeover on any workstation in the network. Open the Allplan Diagnostic Tool via Allmenu->Service->Allplan Diagnostics. Switch to the "Settings" tab.
  2. Under the field "Workgroup Settings" check the box "Workgroup Manager" and confirm with "Set". Confirm the two messages stating that STD and PRJ already exist and will not be copied with "Yes". The first workstation is now converted.
  3. This window user has been created as Allplanuser in the workgroup manager environment as a user with administrator rights. Now all users should be added to the workgroup manager via:

    Allmenu -> Workgroupmanager -> Manage users -> Right click -> Create user.

    Under "User name", a freely selectable Allplan user name with a length of up to 8 characters can be assigned.

    Under "Windows user name", the user name that the user uses when logging on to the computer must be specified.

    Important: If the user logs on to the computer via a domain, this must also be specified under "Windows user name", e.g.: DOMAIN\User. Under "User group" the administration right can be granted: Administrator" must be selected in the drop-down menu. Existing users can also be given the administration right later.
  4. If all users have been added you can ad the remaining workplaces by going on each workstation and adding Workgroup Manager under Allmenu->Service->Allplan Diagnostics->Settings the checkbox "Workgroup Manager" can be set and confirmed with "Set".


If the check mark at "Workgroup Settings" cannot be activated, it is because the central file storage folder "Net Path" is not entered UNC compliant. (e.g.: \\Servername\ nemdaten\2022). Change this if necessary. Under "Browse" the UNC name of the new server (e.g.: \Servername) or the complete path (e.g.: \Servername) can be entered in the browser above.
(e.g.: \\Servername\ nemdaten\2022) and confirm with Enter. Select your central file storage folder and confirm with "OK". uses cookies  -  More information