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Version:  Allplan 2022 |   Last modified: 17.07.2022 16:10
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How can the "central file storage folder" of an existing Allplan installation be moved to a new server?


Before the changeover, make sure that a current data backup of the central file storage is available.
The data is not moved but copied during the changeover.
To avoid duplicate data storage, all workstations of the existing network installation should be migrated in this way. These instructions apply equally to installations with and without workgroup manager.


  1. Before the changeover, create a folder on the new server (e.g. Data) and share this folder with everyone with full access (e.g. as Data). Create a subfolder Allplan under it. (e.g. \\Server\Daten\Allplan).Allplan works with UNC path. This means that for a network installation, a folder must exist for the central file storage on which Allplan 2022 is to be installed, which is shared by all computers.
  2. Exit Allplan on all workstations.
  3. Open the Allplan Diagnostic Tool via Allmenu->Service->Allplan Diagnostics. There you switch to the tab "Settings"
  4. Under the "Workgroup Settings" field press "Browse". In the browser that appears, you can browse for the new share by entering the UNC name of the new server or the complete path at the top and confirming with Enter. Select your new central file storage folder and confirm with OK. Note that if you are using the Workgroup Manager, the new path must be entered in a UNC-compliant way only. (e.g.: \\Servername\ nemdata\2022)
  5. To start the changeover, press the "Set" button. The copy process starts and the configuration is changed. The data is not moved but copied and this workstation is now converted and accesses the new data store.


To avoid duplicate data storage, all workstations of the existing network installation should now be converted via the same path. For the other workstations, the copying process of the project and STD folder is prevented with a corresponding note, since the routine already recognizes these folders on the new server. only the configurations on the computer are changed. uses cookies  -  More information