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How can I move the license server to a new server?

If you activated the license(s) online by entering a Product Key, you can return the license(s) and then use them on a different server. You can return licenses only if the server has Internet access.

Returning a license

To return a license in online mode

  • Start the license server by opening the License Settings.
  • Click License activationon the left. Then click the license you want to return.
  • Click Return license.
  • Do this for each license until you have returned all licenses.

You can now activate the license(s) on a different server.

To install the license server on the new server, download the software for the license server from Allplan Connect.
You can activate a license in online mode only if you have ...

  • Internet access
  • a Product Key

Installing the license server on the new server

  • Start License Server Setupon the new server.
  • Click Install.
  • Start the license server by starting the License Settingsprogram. Go to the License activationarea, enter your Product Key and click Activate license.
  • If you have more licenses for the license server, enter the respective Product Keys and activate the licenses.
  • Afterwards, start CodeMeter Control Center.
    To do this, use the Windows start menu and select CodeMeter -> CodeMeter Control Center. As an alternative, open Search by clicking the Search button on the Start screen, enter Codemeter and press ENTER. A dialog box opens. Click WebAdmin at bottom right.

    Or Enter Localhost:22350in the address bar of your browser.
  • Select Settings -> Server -> Access serverin the Network serverarea and click Activate.
  • Click Apply.

Configuring the clients

The license server license will be detected automatically on the network; the clients display the license(s) provided by the new server.

Check the license selection in the license settings of the client:

Services application -> Utilities -> License settings -> License selection

Select the check box in front of a license to select this license as a favorite. You can mark as many licenses as you want. Allplan will then prefer these licenses. Click to select one ore more licenses Allplan is not to use. If you do not select any license or if you have selected several favorites, Allplan will automatically use the first free license it finds.

Find license server automatically:
When you select this option, Allplan automatically detects a license server on the LAN. In some cases, such as VPN connections, Allplan may not be able to detect a server automatically. In this case, you can enter the server manually (see additional server name).
Note:Only the Windows administrator can change this option.

Additional server name:
If 'Find license server automatically' is not active or Allplan has not automatically found a license server, you can manually enter the name or the IP address of the server. If 'Find license server automatically' is active, you can enter an additional server. After having entered the server name, click Updateto see the licenses of the license server. Use semicolons to separate several server names.


You can find detailed information on the license server in the License Settings help (F1 key).

Allplan communicates with the license server via TCP/IP. By default, communication is via Port 22350unless you change the port in CodeMeter WebAdmin.

If a firewall is active on your computer, you must enable port 22350 for TCP and UDP. If the firewall filters in an application-specific manner, you have to enable the CodeMeter.exe license server service. You can find this service in the %Program Files (x86)%\CodeMeter\Runtime\bin Windows folder. Define the CodeMeter.exe service as an exception in the firewall. Some anti-virus programs also include firewall functions. If you are not sure, contact the manufacturer of the anti-virus program. uses cookies  -  More information