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How can I make several computers use the same license server settings?


The settings are saved in two files:

  • Lic3LM.ini in C:\ProgramData\Nemetschek
  • Lic3.ini in C:\Users\[user_name]\AppData\Roaming\Nemetschek. To access this user-specific file, use %appdata%/Nemetschek, for example.

Lic3LM.ini in C:\ProgramData\Nemetschek:

This file includes information on server selection, that is to say, the server name and information on whether the ‘Find license server automatically’ option is selected.

What do the values mean?

  • UseWibuList=yes: find license server automatically
  • UseWibuList=no: do not find license server automatically
  • Server=[server_name]: name of license server

For example:


In this example, the computer is connected with the ‘Server01’ server and the ‘Find license server automatically’ option is selected.

Lic3.ini in C:\Users\[Benutzername]\AppData\Roaming\Nemetschek:

This file includes information on which license is preferred or blocked.

What do the values mean?

  • 0: license is not selected
  • 100: license is preferred
  • -100: license is blocked

For example:


In this example, seat 24 is selected (preferred) and seat 23 is not selected.


Use the Services application -> Utilities -> License settings to create these two files with the required settings on one computer.
You can then transfer these two files to the other computers, thus avoiding incorrect entries. uses cookies  -  More information