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How can I use a license server license outside the office (for example, when working with my own computer from home)?


Computers that are not on the company network must use a VPN connection to access the server.
You can get licenses from the license server directly over the network or VPN.

Note the following points when you use VPN:
Communication with the license server is by TCP/IP via port 22350.
Make sure that the VPN connection does not switch to sleep mode. Otherwise, it is better to borrow a license by using VPN instead of getting the license directly from the server.
You can use only iPv4 for the VPN connection; iPv6 is not supported by Allplan.
The firewall must be configured on both sides - client and server - so that the connection is allowed. Otherwise, add the port as an exception to the firewall.

Allplan automatically finds the license server on the local network. If you have not selected a license, Allplan automatically selects the first available license.

After having installed Allplan on the clients, you can use the “License Settings” dialog box to configure license selection.
Services application -> Utilities -> License settings
License selection
Find license server automatically:
When you select this option, Allplan automatically detects a license server on the LAN. In some cases, such as VPN connections, Allplan might not be able to detect a server automatically. In this case, you can enter the server manually (see Additional server name).
Note: Only the Windows administrator can change this option.

Additional server name:
If “Find license server automatically” is not selected or Allplan has not automatically found a license server, you can manually enter the name or the IP address of the server. Enter only the name or the IP address of the server; do not enter a UNC path. After having entered the server name, click “Update” to see the licenses of the license server. Use semicolons to separate several server names.

If the license is visible and the connection is stable, you can get the license directly from the server when you start Allplan. If the connection is not stable, we recommend that you borrow a license. To get instructions, use the following link:

VPN is not useful for common project storage, but you can use VPN to get a license. uses cookies  -  More information