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Version:  Allplan 2023, Allplan 2018, Allplan 2019, Allplan 2021, Allplan 2022, Allplan 2016, Allplan 2017, Allplan 2020, Allplan 2024 |   Last modified: 08.08.2023 09:03
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Why is it not possible to clear the check box for 'Find license server automatically' and why can't I enter an additional server name? These functions are grayed out.


This problem is caused by Windows access rights. Only administrators can change these options.

Installing Allplan:
If this problem occurs during Setup and you cannot select a license, start by installing Allplan as a viewer.

Granting permissions later:
Assign full control to the users.
Local permissions prevent them from accessing the following file: Lic3LM.ini

Check whether the users have full control of the following folder:
Click folder with the right mouse button -> Properties -> Security -> Edit -> select the user - > grant full control

C:\ProgramData\Nemetschek(hidden file)

Open the 'License settings' dialog box: Services application -> Utilities -> License settingsYou should now be able to clear the check box and enter additional server names. uses cookies  -  More information