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Version:  Allplan 2022, Allplan 2017, Allplan 2021, Allplan 2020, Allplan 2019, Allplan 2018 |   Last modified: 17.10.2022 13:51
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I want to run Allplan on a terminal server. Can I use any other terminal server than Citrix?


Microsoft terminal server or Horizon is not approved for Allplan.
In addition, running Allplan on a terminal server requires an Allplan license server for managing the Allplan licenses.
If you have only used stand-alone licenses until now, you must purchase the additional ‘license server’ option. Should you have any questions, please contact your sales partner.

VM Ware (Horizon) or RDP is not approved for Allplan. This means that you do not get any support for this constellation.
You may not have any problems with the current Allplan version. However, future developments will not take RDP or VM Ware into account. Consequently, this functionality may be limited or not available at all in future Allplan versions.

Citrix is the only terminal server that is approved for Allplan.
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