Version:  Allplan 2015  | Last modified: 08.06.2020
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An error occurs during installation of hotfix 2015-1-11 or later. What can I do?


To install this and future Allplan 2015 hotfixes using auto-update, you must update the installation service. Requirement: Allplan 2015-1-10 is installed.

1. You can find a batch file attached to this FAQ. Save and extract this file and execute it on every Allplan workstation (right-click this file -> select "Run as administrator" on the shortcut menu...). The batch file looks for the "InstallAULService.exe" file in the local PRG folder of the Allplan installation and runs it as the administrator. This updates the installation service.
Be careful: this requires administrator privileges.

If your e-mail program blocks this file, you can also download it from our FTP server.
Enter the following address in WindowsExplorer (do not use Internet Explorer!):

2. Auto-update should now work as usual.


As an alternative, you can also install the full version of Allplan 1/12/2015. This also updates the installation service.
You can download the full version from from our FTP server:

To access our FTP server, you require a current Windows operating system. Do the following:
Enter the following address in Windows Explorer (do not use Internet Explorer!):

Download the corresponding ZIP file and extract it. Right-click the exe file and start it using "Run as administrator".
Install the update.

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