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How can I temporarily transfer the NemSLock license of a registered computer to a different computer?
How can I interchange the NemSLock licenses of two registered computers?


You can use Nemetschek's Softlock License Manager to transfer the license temporarily (up to 30 days) to a different computer. Of course, you can return the license to the original computer before this time limit expires.

Open the License Manager by selecting the Services application -> Utilities -> License -> License Manager (NemSLock).
Select Export/import - License transfer

You can choose between a transfer that is "Directly on the network" and one that is "Indirectly by transfer file". The direct transfer requires that the source computer and the destination computer are on the same network. As opposed to the indirect transfer, you can also exchange licenses when you opt for the direct transfer.

Direct license transfer
First, set the destination computer to reception mode by selecting Directly on the network -> (Re-)Import license-> Selection.
Now you can transfer the license form the source computer to the destination computer using Directly on the network -> Export license -> Transfer.
Detailed information on this topic is provided in the Help (press F1).

Direct license exchange
You can use this option to exchange the licenses of two computers temporarily. This is very useful if the licenses of these two computers contain different program configurations.
Specify which computer is to be the master and which computer is to serve as the slave.
At the computer that is to serve as the slave, select Directly on the network -> Exchange licenses -> Slave and set it to Reception.
At the computer that is to serve as the master, click Directly on the network-> Exchange licenses -> Master.
Detailed information on this topic is provided in the Help (press F1).

Offline license transfer
You can also transfer the license to a computer that is not on the network.
To do this, select Indirectly by transfer file.
This requires that you create a computer-specific Computer IDof the destination computer. You only need to do this once. The next step is to export the license file for the specific computer ID on the source computer. You can use an USB stick to transfer the exported license to the other computer. You can also send it by email. Finally, install the license on the destination computer.
Detailed information on this topic is provided in the Help (press F1).


  • If you have a new computer where you want to use the license permanently, use the Relocate licenses -> Transfer licenses permanently to a computertool .
    In this case, the license is returned to Nemetschek and you receive a registered license for the new computer. Follow this link for detailed instructions:
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