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What are the advantages of the new licensing method?

  • Better protection; easier to use (for example, when you want to transfer the license to a different computer).

What is the Product Key?

  • The Product Key is a unique, 26-digit character string. You can use it to activate a license for Allplan.

How do I get my Product Key(s)?

How do I transfer my activated license to a different computer or to a new computer?

  • Before you can transfer the license to a different computer, you first have to return the license on the computer where you originally activated it. Then you can enter the Product Key on a different computer, activating the license there. For more information, go to https://connect.allplan.com/en/faqid/20150618131629.html

How do install Allplan or activate my license on a computer without Internet access?

  • The easiest way to activate and return Allplan licenses is to do this online. In other words, the computer has Internet access. However, you can also activate Allplan on a computer without Internet access. For more information, go to https://connect.allplan.com/en/faqid/20150618131413.html

How can I update a license (for example, after I have purchased an additional option)?

Can I still use hardlocks?

  • No, you can't. Allplan 2016 no longer supports hardlocks.

How do I install Allplan as a trial version?

  • Download Allplan 2016 from Allplan Connect. You will receive the Product Key for the trial version by email.

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