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You would like to know which colleague has borrowed a license from the license server and for what period of time it was borrowed?


Please make sure that at least Codemeter version 6.60b is installed on the license server.
To do so, start the CodeMeter Control Center on the server
Either in the Windows Start menu via CodeMeter -> CodeMeter Control Center. Or enter Codemeter in the search bar of the start page and press ENTER. Under Help-> About you can see the installed Codemeter version. If a version lower than 6.60b appears here, install the latest version of the Control Center released by Allplan. Instructions on how to do this can be found at the following link

The administration of the license server is done via the CodeMeter WebAdmin application on the server itself.
Start the CodeMeter Control Center at the license server on the server
Either in the Windows Start menu via CodeMeter -> CodeMeter Control Center. Or in the search bar of the start page enter Codemeter
and press ENTER, then click WebAdmin in the dialog box at the bottom right.

Type Localhost:22350 in the address bar of your browser.

In WebAdmin go to Container -> All Containers -> here select your Allplan Cm6 in which your license/s have been stored -> select the desired license by clicking on the Product Code 999 in front of it. -> Now scroll down to the end, to the License Transfer History area.

Here you can see exactly when the license was borrowed, for how long and by which user.

If you want to see which users are currently in the network pulling licenses from the license server, you can also see this. To do this, go to License Monitor-> Sessions in WebAdmin.

Borrowed licenses are currently only displayed with the container number under License Monitor-> Sessions, only under License Transfer History the user is also visible.

Since under License Transfer History it is a complete history, all license loans are listed, even those that have already been terminated, i.e. the license has been returned to the license server in the meantime.

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