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Версия:  Allplan 2020 / Allplan 2019 / Allplan 2018 / Allplan 2017  | Последнее изменение: 25.11.2019


Whenever I try to create a project, the New Project, Open Projectdialog box does not open.
If I try to open ProjectPilot, the following message appears:Unable to create ProjectPilot control.What can I do?


Some important entries are not defined in the Windows Registry.

Close Allplan and do the following:

Services application -> Service -> Windows Explorer -> CAD program folder -> PRG

Find the NemProjectPilot10.exefile and start it as the administrator. To do this, right-click this file -> Run as administrator.
Start Allplan and open ProjectPilot by clicking File -> ProjectPilot. Then create a new project.
After this, open New Project, Open Project. This should work without problems.


You require administrator privileges to write to the registry.

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