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Версия:  Allplan 2020 / Allplan 2019 / Allplan 2018 / Allplan 2017 / Allplan 2016  | Последнее изменение: 23.09.2019

I purchased a new license and received a Product Key for Allplan. However, I work with an earlier Allplan version. How can I install and license Allplan 2015 or an earlier version despite the new license?


Allplan 2016 introduced a new protection system. Since then licensing has been based on CodeMeter by Wibu Systems AG. You can no longer use Softlock (NemSLock) or hardlocks with Allplan. For running Allplan, you get a Product Key by email. Using this key, you can activate your license online.

This new license is not downward compatible. Consequently, you cannot use it for earlier Allplan versions.

For licensing earlier versions, you require the Client ID and CD Key. You can find this information in the delivery note or invoice. Instead of a temporary license, use the appropriate trial license to install Allplan 2015 or an earlier version. Then generate a registration request to license and activate the modules you purchased.

If you use a license server for which you purchased an additional license, please read the separate document or contact We will show you how to add the new license to the license server.

If you want to install Allplan 2015 or an earlier version, use a trial license to install the version you need.

Downloading Allplan:
Make sure the Allplan version you install is always up-to-date. In other words, it should include the latest hotfixes and service releases.
You can download the current Allplan version from Allplan Connect or the FTP server.
Allplan Connect:

1. Install Allplan with a trial license
Install Allplan. In the 'Select License Information' dialog box, choose 'Trial license for temporary use' and select the license for 'Architecture' or 'Engineering'.

Important: If you work with Workgroup Manager, select 'Different trial license' -> 'Next'. Open the Workgroup folder for your country and select the appropriate license. Then follow the instructions and install Allplan. Make sure you enter the paths correctly.

2. Request a license registered for your computer
The trial license is valid for 30 days. It is not personalized.
Consequently, you have to enter your personal data manually when generating the registration request.
You can find the required Client ID and CD Key in the delivery note or invoice.

To generate a registration request, do the following:

Open the License Manager (Service application -> Utilities- > License -> License Manager).
Select the license entry for your seat and click 'Request license'. Please follow the instructions displayed on screen.

Note: Editing customer details requires administrator privileges. The system will issue an appropriate message. Close NemSLock License Manager and start the Services application again. To do this, click the Services desktop icon with the right mouse button and select 'Run as administrator' on the shortcut menu.

Enter the necessary details:
The Client IDhas eight zeros (00000000) and the CD Keyhas eight capital F's (FFFFFFFF).

For the Client ID, enter your customer number. You can find your customer number in the letteror delivery notethat came with Allplan.
For the CD Key, enter your CD Key, which you can also find in the letter or delivery note. Make sure you use small letters and capital letters accordingly.

Note:You can find the Client ID and CD Key at top left in the delivery note. The CD Keyusually consists of the numbers 0 to 9 and the capital letters A to F.

Fill out all the fields. Make sure you enter your email address correctly, because registered licenses and replies to status queries of license will be sent to the address you specify here.
Click Next >

For the seat, change the number 94 to the license you purchased, for example, 02, 03 or 04.
Specify how to send the registration file and click Next >.

Start email program ...
The program creates and saves the register.txt file before it opens your default email program. The program automatically attaches the registration file to the email and enters register (please no spam) @ (please no spam) nemetschek.defor the address.

Save the registration file ...
The program creates and saves the register.txt file before it opens the folder with the registration file in Windows Explorer. Now you can use all the options provided by Windows Explorer: for example, you can attach the file to an email, copy it to a computer with Internet access and so on.

In addition, you can see the data that were written to the registration file.

  1. Click Finish.
  2. Click Close to exit NemSLock License Manager.

You will receive a reply by email within a few minutes. This email provides information on the registration process and usually includes the registered license file.

Note: The registered license file is generated by an automated system. Consequently, any additional comments in incoming emails are not read.

3. Installing the license file
Shortly after we received the registration request, we will send you the final license file to the email address you specified in the registration request.
Install this license file as follows:

  • Save the license file to any folder on the hard disk.
    If the license comes as a zip file, extract it.
  • Next, install the license by double-clicking the license file ("customer#_seat.nslock").
    Confirm the dialog box.
  • As an alternative, you can also use License Manager to install the license file (Start -> (All) Programs -> Nemetschek -> Nemetschek SoftLock 2006 -> License Manager).
    Click "Install - Install license" and then "Browse..." to select the license.
    Click "Finish" to complete the installation process.
  • Your registered license is displayed in the License Manager. Clear the check box for the trial license (for example, seat 94 or 98). Make sure your registered license is the only license that is selected.

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