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How can I check out a laptop and resume work as a normal CAD user with my usual settings and privileges?


Log on as the Allplan administrator to the laptop.

Step 1: add computer to Workgroup Manager
The laptop needs to be integrated in the workgroup so that it can be used for data storage (data server). Do the following:

Create data folders:
Create a folder - 'Nemdata', for example - on the laptop and share it (full control).
Create the 'Allplan' subfolder in this folder. Create two subfolders - 'usr' and 'prj' - in the Allplan folder.
In this example: '...\Nemdata\Allplan\prj' and '...\Nemdata\Allplan\usr'

Add computer:
Start the Services application -> Workgroup Manager -> Administer projects and computer
In the "Remote projects" area on the left, click on Workgroup Server with the right mouse button and select Add computer on the shortcut menu.
Find the computer you want to add, open the local share and select the folder with the 'usr' and 'prj' subfolders (in this example: 'COMPUTERNAME\Nemdata\Allplan'). Confirm by clicking OK.

Install the "Microsoft Loopback Adapter" driver.
This driver is necessary so that network services are always running on the laptop.
Please refer to Allplan Connect for a detailed description: https://connect.allplan.com/en/faqid/000162ae.html

Step 2: move user folder (optional)
Allplan 2013 and later: the user will be move automatically
(Start the Services application -> Workgroup Manager -> Administer users
Click with the right mouse button on selected user who is going to work on the laptop outside the network environment.
Select Properties
In the field user folder select the laptop
Repeat step 2 if several users are to work with the laptop.

If user folders have been moved to the laptop and this laptop has been checked out, the user in question can only work with the laptop and not in the office.)

Step 3: define project owner
A user can only move a project if he/she is the owner of this project.
The ownership of a project can only be changed by an Allplan administrator (or the owner of the project).
Allplan -> File -> ProjectPilot - Admin... ->
Click the relevant project with the right mouse button and select Properties on the shortcut menu.
Now you can define the owner.

Step 4: move projects
Log on as the user who wants to check out the laptop.
Start the Services application -> Workgroup Manager -> Administer projects and computer
In the "Remote projects" area on the left, select the computer with the projects you want to move.
Drag the projects one after the other to the laptop to be checked out.

Step 5: check out laptop
Start the Services application -> Workgroup Manager -> Administer projects and computer.
Click on your laptop and click on Check out at bottom right.
Confirm the message indicating that there are still user folders on the computer to be checked out.
Enter a comment and click OK. This comment is displayed if users in the office try to access a project on the computer checked out.
Specify which parts of the office standard are to be copied to the laptop and click OK to confirm.


Now you can remove the laptop from the network and edit your projects when you are out of the office. To make sure that the projects are not changed in the office in the meantime, the projects that are on the computer checked out are locked for the CAD users on the network. These users see the comment you entered when you checked out the computer.


  • Only the local computer can be checked out (you cannot check out a different computer in the network).
  • Projects on this computer must neither be locked nor in use.

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