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I have several licenses, but I want to use a specific license to start Allplan. How can I do this?


Open the license settings on the client:

Services application -> Utilities -> License settings -> License selection

You can see all the licenses that are available on the network. You can control license selection as follows:

Select the check box in front of a license to select this license as a favourite. You can mark as many licenses as you want. Allplan will then prefer these licenses. Click to select one or more licenses Allplan is not to use.

Make settings as you need.

If you do not select any license or if you have selected several favourites, Allplan will automatically use the first free license it finds.


Check which licenses are available.
Available column:
This column shows how many licenses are still available. For example, 3/5 indicates that 3 out of 5 licenses are still available. Click the dropdown arrow to see a list of users currently working with a license.

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