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New Function Palette Configuration

In previous versions, Allplan defined the order of nodes/parameters in the Allplan Palette automatically. It was hard to edit the layout.

In Allplan 2021-0-6 we finally released the new function "Palette Configuration" to help you rearrange the Allplan Palette of your scripts intuitively by Drag&Drop. Besides that, it can also create multiple tabs.

Currently, it only allows changing one element (tab, group, node) at a time. There is no multi-selection support yet. The side panel of "Palette Configuration" was divided into two parts. The lower part called "Unassigned" works as a container. All nodes which set to be visible and not arranged yet will show up there. The upper part is where to design the Allplan palette.

To support this feature, we introduced a new version (v1.2) to the pyp file. Old scripts will be updated automatically once opened in the Visual Scripting editor or run directly from Library. The Visual Scripting will also create a backup file with bak as the file extension in the same directory if an old script is updated. But please be aware, although the old Allplan can still run the new pyp from library, but the new version of pyp can't be edited in an old Allplan.

A new Palette Configuration for Allplan palette layout:

  • Drag & drop to rearrange
  • Multiple tabs support
  • Easy rename with a double-click
  • No multi-selection support yet

A new version of the pyp file (v1.2):
  • Old pyp files can be used in the new Allplan
  • A backup will be created in-place for the old pyp file
  • New pyp version is only runnable but not editable in an old Allplan

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Just for clarification. The new pyp is only runnable but not editable in an old Allplan.

I would just like to add my take on this: this is one of the biggest steps forward in the development of our VS system inside Allplan. Before the only way I can describe the ordering of the nodes was random at best. Now you have control. The difference in appearance is like going from an amateur pallet to a professional pallet. Enjoy and let us have your feedback!

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