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Problems with reinforcement in associated views!



I created 3D model of the building, created associated views and put reinforcement in the views. My problem is, that reinforcement is shown also in views where I haven't put it there.

For example, I created a view of one wall and put reinforcement in it, but after some time, the view is extended without my action with reinforcement from other walls, which are not in this view.

Is this any way in Allplan that you prevent that reinforcement from other structural elements are shown in specific view in which reinforcement was not put? How to prevent that reinforcement is shown in this view just out of the blue??

Should I put each wall in a separate drawing file? I created particular structural elements in separate files, formwork in separate files and all reinforcement in separate file...

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

Regards, Bogdan

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To solve your problem you have to break the link with associated views and model file wich contained reinforcement elements from other structural elements. See picture.

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You can choose the right filter in your section properties.

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