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[Question] Error in Rebar code, the same for 2 different diameter

I'm new with Allplan, and we are preparing the drawings for the reinforcement of a building.
First, I have drawn the reinforcement with ø25 but, afterwards, we saw that ø20 was enough, so we modify the reinforcement, but seems that some of the rebars were modified, and other ones not. Finally, we have, in the same file, rebars marked with the same code, and diameters ø20 and ø25.

What can have happened? Is there a way to search if the codes are correctly assigned?

Thanks in advance.

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Dear Eugenio,

This looks strange! Have you try to use a legend or a report to check the mark position?

This should not happen normaly, maybe have you worked with 2D renforcement not 3D?

Are you using one drawing file or few. In one this should not happen but if you have create new bars on other drawing file, it's possible.

There is a special tool in the engineering module to reorganise the mark position depending of geometry and diameter.

What's happen if you try to change the mark position from 20 to another one?

Please send us you feedback or send data to your support.

Bye & Good Use!

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