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I activated my license offline. Now I would like to update this license or get the license for the new version.
What can I do?


To update the license, you can use CodeMeter Control Center.

Start CodeMeter Control Center.
To do this, use the Windows start menu and select CodeMeter -> CodeMeter Control Center. An an alternative, go to the Windows search box and type Codemeter.
You can find the container numbers in the ‘License’ area. Make sure your license container is included in this list.
If you have a stand-alone license, the name of this container is Allplan GmbH and its number is 128-XXXXXXX.

Select this container and click ‘License Update’ on the right. The assistant starts.
Select Create license request. Create a *.WibuCmRaC file for your container.

Take this file to a computer that is online.

Go to the following website:


Enter your Product Keyin the “Ticket” line and click Next. You can now see your license.
Click Activate license.

You can see the new license update, which is selected. Click Offline License Transferat bottom right.

Upload the *.WibuCmRaC file to get the license update as a file. Import this file
to your computer.

To do this, open CodeMeter Control Center and click File -> Import license.
You can now see the updated license in the license settings.

You cannot use Allplan Connect to update licenses. However, you can activate licenses offline for the first time or return licenses using Allplan Connect.

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