Dear Sir/Madam,
My name is Valentin Nicula and I represent Schweickhardt Erchinger Structural Engineering, based in Bucharest, Romania.
Since 2018, we are the Romanian branch of Ingenieurgesellschaft für Bauwesen mbH Schweickhardt & Erchinger from Germany, but our collaboration with the German company started in 2015.
As we’ve started diversifying our portfolio, we are now open to new collaborations and can help with 3D BIM Modelling and structural engineering.
In Romania, we are a team of 10 design engineers and draftsmen, specializing primarily in concrete structures as well as steel structures.
Our portfolio consists of residential buildings, industrial halls and public buildings, most of them built in Germany and Romania. We design all our projects in 3D (in Allplan) and pride ourselves with a high level of quality and detail, specific to the German market. Apart from Allplan we use Scia and Frilo for structural modelling.
Why you should work with us:
- The company is engaged in the production of formwork and reinforcement drawings, steel construction details, and 3D BIM modelling (for a better understanding of the structure and detection of possible collisions, if the case with architectural or HVAC elements);
- Our quality and professional solutions will ensure that tight deadlines won't affect the successful outcome of your projects;
- We can create quality plans and easily adapt to specific requirements due to our proven 8 years experience of in the construction field across Germany and Switzerland;
- Working closely with our colleagues in Germany, we can always tap into their knowledge and expertise when needed;
- We manage our time well and can quickly adapt to unforeseen events; working as a team we can quickly divert resources based on urgency;
- High quality/price ratio.
- Our team is open to new collaborations and willing to strengthen our knowledge across all fields of design engineering, not limited to civil engineering.
Below you can find our website as well as our German branch. We’ve been involved in most of the projects listed on the website which have been carried out in recent years.
Romanian website:
German website:
I hope that this message opens your interest towards our company, and I look forward to a potential collaboration soon.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

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